Welcome to 2017

It is the start of the year and my team and I are traveling to CES today in Las Vegas. CES has transitioned in recent years from an electronics show to a broader meeting of technologists. This makes sense as software eats the world, developers take on an increasingly more important role in every company since every industry is in the process of being transformed and/or disrupted. Faster processors, seemingly limitless storage and ubiquitous bandwidth has created the perfect ingredients for the technology wave that we are now enjoying. When we meet with developers and partners this week, we will be discussing the next wave of innovation that will be built on today’s technology trends. These include big data, AI, bots, AR/VR, 3D and devices.

In thinking through the conversations that I believe will occur across CES. A talk I gave recently at DevIntersection in October of 2016 could be a fun primer for some of the discussions that will take place and technologies that will be on display this week in Las Vegas. Since many of you will be thinking about your technology priorities in 2017 I decide to share the video below.

This is not an exhaustive list but is a good start. As exciting as 2016 has been for technology, the future looks to be even brighter.