Welcome to my web log! I've been putting this off because I wasn't sure I’d have much content. But, on reflection, my job and Voices (my personal software project) will probably give me enough to talk about. I’ll introduce Voices in the next post.

So who am I and what do I do? Well, I’m Steve White - a computer nerd from Yorkshire (in the UK). I went to live in London after graduating until two and a half years ago when I moved here to Reading. I work for Microsoft UK as a developer consultant. That means I get to help customers use our developer tools, particularly Visual Studio and the .NET Framework.

Like I'm sure most of you do, I feel fortunate that my job involves work that I actually want to do. So, in some sense, it’s as much play as it is work. The team I'm part of is called Premier Support for Developers, and my team-mates and I are Application Development Consultants. You’ll certainly hear me abbreviate those names to PSfD and ADC in these posts.

What I’ll publish in this log is a number of things. I want to document my progress with my software project and I’ll explain designs and techniques I’ve used and often illustrate ideas with code snippets. I’ll talk about music theory, because that’s what my project is about. I’ll also discuss technical points that have arisen in the course of my daily work. And finally I’ll probably also talk about fairly arbitrary and miscellaneous stuff that occurs to me. If that sounds appealing then grab my RSS feed!