"Ready to Rocket" 2006 list is out

I see my friends over at Rocket Builders have released their annual "Ready to Rocket" 2006 list. There's some great companies on the list. I've had the pleasure of knowing a few of them very well and they are doing some very innovative things.

Colligo Networks Inc. www.colligo.com

- Colligo has a very cool collaboration product you can check out here. In addition, they've got a killer new product they are releasing that enables offline Sharepoint access! This product was recently featured in an InfoWorld article. (I'll have more on this in a future post as I'm going to be using this tool myself)


Flowfinity Wireless Inc. www.flowfinity.com

- The FlowFinity guys are definitely one of the most innovative companies I've had the pleasure to work with. They really get wireless and have several wireless based products. In particular, my favorite (as it's integrated into Visual Studio 2005 [:)]) is their "BlackBird" product that allows you to develop solutions for the BlackBerry in Visual Studio and .NET! This is awesome as it allows developers to leverage VS2005 to rapidly build powerful mobile solutions with the keyword their being "rapidly". You get the IDE productivity gains but coupled with that they've abstracted away a lot of the low level API's you would normally have to deal with when building these solutions and present you with a web service instead. It's pretty sweet! They've also partnered with one of the other companies on the Ready To Rocket list, TenDigits, and have a product that enables access to MSCRM from a BlackBerry device.


GaleForce Solutions Inc. www.galeforcesolutions.com

- GaleForce has a financial services focused CRM product that has some really cool modules for things like integration, presence detection, analytics, real time market feeds, mobility etc.