SQL Adapter Samples

We have added a new StreamInsight sample in the form of a Visual Studio solution called SqlApplication. The sample contains input and output adapter implementations that interface with Microsoft SQL Server. These are “generic” or un-typed adapters in that they can work with any given event type specified during query binding time, as long as the corresponding SQL query that provides the events has a matching schema. The adapters also demonstrate the use of the new Stop() method introduced in StreamInsight 1.1, with particular attention given to demonstrate correct handling of exceptions. Given this focus, the access and update of rows from/to SQL Server is row-by-row and synchronous. You can build on these samples to implement more advanced access mechanisms from/to SQL. The sample packages are in their familiar location on CodePlex. The added solution resides in the Applications folder of the samples package; the SQL adapter project includes a Readme file that describes the prerequisites, assumptions behind the samples, and the contained components. As always, your feedback is welcome!

The StreamInsight Team