StreamInsight Case Study

Edgenet is an Atlanta-based company that offers data services to suppliers, retailers, and distributors, helping them to better target their audiences and support their sales efforts. As recently described in a Microsoft case study article, they became an early adopter of SQL Server 2008 R2, leveraging its features to better track changes and manage large tables efficiently. Edgenet is now starting to take advantage of StreamInsight, which is intended to boost the performance of their real-time data analysis tool. An interesting aspect of their scenario is the correlation of

[…] real-time events with historical information and use the data to trigger a new, targeted event stream. For example, the Edgenet complex event processing application could monitor a shopper’s online behavior, combine that information with records of past purchases, and use the data to automatically offer a discount on a specific product.

Here is another quote from the article:

By taking advantage of StreamInsight technology, the company will be able to immediately monitor, analyze, and act on both streaming and stored data. “With our current solution, we’re about one hour delayed from a real-time response to incoming events,” says Barwick. “But with SQL Server 2008 R2 StreamInsight, we expect to cut that time to seconds.”

Data Services Firm Expects to Cut Response to Incoming Events from an Hour to Seconds