PowerShell ISE Theme – Visual Studio Code style

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in Visual Studio Code recently, and even doing some PowerShell work in it with posh-dnvm. For posh-dnvm it has been working really nicely: whilst Code doesn’t have PowerShell intellisense, the custom task runner has given me a great workflow with Pester for testing.

Right now I find that I’m switching between the ISE and Code depending on which tool makes the most sense.

Unfortunately, this means that I have to keep adjusting to the different colourisation across the tools.

PowerShell ISE looks like this:


Whilst VS Code looks like this:


Now, I know that I’m comparing a dark theme to a light theme. I could switch the ISE to the dark theme or Code to the light theme, but even then there are some differences.

The end result of this frustration (combined with a few hours without an internet connection on a plane) is a VS Code theme for the PowerShell ISE:


Ah, much better Smile

Grab the theme file from here (save to your machine). Then In the ISE go to Tools\Options, click on Manage Themes and then Import, and point it to the file you just saved.

Happy PowerShell-ing!