Asset Tag Tool for Surface Pro 3

Hi my name is Scott McArthur and I want to call out a tool that recently came out that allows Enterprise customers to set Asset Tags on Surface Pro 3.

This tool is available for download at the following location:

The tool requires the following:

  • Surface Pro 3(other Surface devices not supported)
  • UEFI firmware version or newer

It can be run from within Windows or from WindowsPE.  The download comes with a README.TXT that contains the following reference:

This tool gets or sets the proposed Asset Tag, which will be applied on next reboot.

The current Asset Tag is an SMBIOS setting which can be queried via WMI:

(Get-WmiObject -query "Select * from Win32_SystemEnclosure").SMBiosAssetTag

To get the proposed asset tag:

AssetTag -g

To clear the proposed asset tag:

AssetTag -s

To set the proposed asset tag:

AssetTag -s testassettag12

Valid values for this can be:

  • up to 36 characters long
  • valid characters including A-Z, a-z, 0-9, period and hyphen

You can view the Asset Tag in the UEFI settings under Device Information.


Here is a PowerShell script demonstrating way to get proposed value and interpret errors.

Note that stout contains the Asset Tag and stderr contains error messages.

AssetTag -g > $asset_tag 2> $error_message
$asset_tag_return_code = $LASTEXITCODE
$asset_tag = $asset_tag.Trim("`r`n")

if ($asset_tag_return_code -eq 0) {
Write-Output ("Good Tag = " + $asset_tag)
} else {
Write-Output (
"Failure: Code = " + $asset_tag_return_code +
"Tag = " + $asset_tag +
"Message = " + $error_message)


Hope this helps with your Deployments.

Scott McArthur
Senior Support Escalation Engineer