WSUS: Clients fail to update with error code 0x80190194

Here's a great tip from Rob Coffey, a real life WSUS support engineer from North Carolina.  We've seen reports of this occurring if you upgrade to WSUS Service Pack 1 and then remove the SP although I haven't been able to confirm this myself.  If you have a bunch of clients trying to get updates and failing with a 0x80190194 error then this may be something to check:


Issue: When checking for updates, clients may all fail with a 0x80190194 error.

Cause: This can occur if the selfupdate virtual directory has been removed or is missing from the Default Web Site.

Resolution: To resolve this issue we will need to reconfigure the selfupdate virtual directory.  To do this:

  1. Open the IIS Manager console
  2. Drill down to the Default Web Site, right click it and select New -> Virtual Directory
  3. For the alias use Selfupdate and for the path point to the Selfupdate directory.  It should be something like C:Program FilesUpdate ServicesSelfupdate.
  4. Forward through the wizard selecting all the defaults.

Once your done test it out - you should be able to successfully get updates now assuming everything else is working properly.

More Information: The client starts its detection cycle by checking if it's running a compatible version of the client prior to talking to the WSUS server.  This is done by downloading https://wsusservername/selfupdate/, therefore if the selfupdate virtual directory has been removed or is missing then the clients will fail with the 0x80190194 error when attempting to check for the file.


Thanks Rob!

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer