App of the Week - Photo Timeline

Hello everybody,

This time I present a useful photo tool that’s not another “wow-make every-picture-look-the-same-effect”-tool. Photo Timeline by Igor Kulmann is simply what its title tells us about it – a photo timeline. The app makes an index of your (also already taken) photos and adds them to a clean timeline in classical Windows Phone 7 Design. Now you can navigate through your whole cell-phone-picture book chronologically labeled by swiping up and down. By swiping to the right we get into a calendar view, where you can see on which days you have taken on the small thumbnails in the calendar-cells – NICE! By clicking on a date you will see another timeline that now sorts the photos to the time of the day – also not bad – the creator now could have called the app “Photo Timelines & Calendar” and I would be totally satisfied with it. But not enough …

… he also put an additional feature into it that the title withholds: the map function. If you activate “allow app to use location service” you can also see on the bing-map where you shot your photos – that’s another nice and good working function.

I’m now thinking that the developer Igor Kulmann is just a modest man by not putting all the minimalistic but useful features of his app into the title. Probably he also not likes those “wow-make every-picture-look-the-same-effect”-tools – a modest app for modest photographers. I like.

Lead Microsoft Student Partner Zürich

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