CRUD using Silverlight 2 Beta1, WCF and LINQ to SQL Part2

In this 15 minutes video blog I will explain the magic (or not so magicJ) that I’m doing in the LinqHelper client and server classes for enabling client side change tracking with LINQ to SQL.

If you didn’t watch the first part I encourage you to watch it first:
Attached to the mentioned video blog is the sample code.


-          it is not production code, it is a sample to show one approach to change tracking in multi tier architecture with LINQ to SQL

-          there are for sure better solutions and feel free to submit your ideas and improvements.

-          works only with tables with Primary Key as single column

-          works with timestamps or original values

-          it is not fully tested (or better is not tested at allJ) with different tables/data types etc…

Ronnie Saurenmann


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