Create basic build definition in VS2010

This is Syed Aslam Basha here from Information security and risk management team.

In this blog I will show “How to create basic build definition”.


  • Build system should be configured
  • You should have edit build definition permissions

Build definition helps in setting up automated build generation, compile source, generate bits to a preconfigured shared folder.

Steps to create build definition:

  • Launch Visual Studio (VS) 2010
  • Select the team project in team explorer
  • Click on Build –> New Build Definition menu
  • Enter build definition name and description
  • 7
  • Click on trigger, select one of the required check-in trigger options. example continuous integration build each check-in – this build is queued in every time chance is checked in the files that are built by this definition
  • 8
  • Click on workspace, select the source bits which will be compiled, example: the test automation project (checked in TFS)
  • 9
  • Click on build defaults, select build controller, enter the share folder path to which compiled bits and log files to be copied
  • 10
  • Click on process, select the project to build example the test automation project
  • 11
  • Click on test assembly, enter test assembly file
  • 12
  • Select the required build definition format, example when build is completed build definition name along with date format folder will be created in shared folder and the bits will be copied in the folder.
  • Save the build definition

We are good to use build definition.

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Microsoft Information Security Tools (IST) Team

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