3 (more) New Sync Samples - Sync 101 for Sync Framework SDK v1.0

We have a couple more synchronization samples for you to take a look at.  These C# samples are based on Sync101 which is a sample template that allows us to show specific concepts relating to Sync Framework.  All of these samples have been updated to work with the latest v 1.0 release of Sync Framework SDK .

I am particularly excited about the remote change application sample (RCA) as it has been a common request to understand how to integrate Sync Framework with technologies like WCF and enable a service to manage the server provider componets of the Sync Framework.  

Each of the samples use the the SQL MetadataStore store for the metadata information for each replica database. This greatly simplifies the logic required to implement data synchronization between data stores. In these samples three in memory data stores are used to show how data collaboration can be accomplished and how the Sync Framework helps to minimize P2P complexities such as data conflicts / resolution and data deletions.

The following are the samples that were just added to the Sync Framework Code Gallery .

Sync101 with Metadata Store v1.0
This sample uses the Metadata store to show the basic concepts that are required when building a Sync Framework application and illustrates many of the core concepts such as synchronization providers and the synchronization orchestrator. 

Sync101 RCA with Metadata Store v1.0
Expanding on the previous sample, this samples outlines the "remote change application" (RCA) pattern used over WCF.

Sync101 with Change Units
Expanding on the first samples, this sample illustrates how a data store can use change units to partition data and send only data that has changed. This sample also illustrate explicit transactioning (batched instead of per-update).