PDC Session Recordings on Sync Framework

We are just about finishing off day 3 of the Professional Developer Conference and, wow what a week it has been so far!  It has been great meeting with many of you at our Sync booth as well as at our various sessions.  During this week we have introduced Sync Framework v2 (CTP1) and a new SQL Services Labs site that incorporate two of our newest sync related projects (Codename "Huron" and Codename "Anchorage").

For those of you who were not able to come to the PDC, I wanted to point you to the recordings of our Sync Framework sessions that are now available for viewing.

Microsoft Sync Framework Advances (Presenter: Lev Novik)
This session shows you how the next version of the Microsoft Sync Framework makes it easier to synchronize distributed copies of data across desktops, devices, services, or anywhere else they may be stored.

Windows 7: Programming Sync Providers That Work Great with Windows (Presenter: Jason Roberts)
Learn how you can enable your application to synchronize with other applications that use the Microsoft Sync Framework. This session covers how to implement sync for contacts and other PIM data, how to package sync providers for distribution and installation, and how to register sync provider for use on Windows.

Sync Framework: Enterprise Data in the Cloud and on Devices (Presenter: Liam Cavanagh)
See how synchronization plays a pivotal role in transitioning to a managed cloud environment by creating a central hub of information in the cloud. Using synchronization, organizations can enable more efficient mobile and enterprise-to-enterprise scenarios.

We also had a number of related sessions that you might also find of interest (some of these will be posted over the next few days):

- Liam Cavanagh