Two Fine Articles

DevConnections attendees got a copy of the code magazine that has two really good articles on the sync framework. If you don’t have access to the magazine, well, no worries I have the links posted here:

Introducing the Microsoft Sync Framework: Next Generation Synchronization Framework
In this article, Moe gives an overview of the framework, why we build it and what problem it tried to solve. In addition, he describes the different components of the framework and the different way to tap into it and leverage its power. A very good introductory article on the sync framework.

Caching with SQL Server Compact and the Microsoft Sync Framework for ADO.NET
Steve Lasker covers in depth the Sync Services for ADO.NET component of the framework which is releasing soon with Visual Studio 2008. The article is quite interest and sheds the light on the design options for building offline data applications. I highly recommend reading this article if you are into database sync.


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