Updates: ProcDump v3.02, Contig v1.6, TCPView v3.03 and a New Mark's Blog Post

ProcDump v3.02: This update to ProcDump, a command-line utility that can capture process dumps based on performance or behavioral triggers, adds more information to the minidump plus dump type, and ignores breakpoint exceptions unless overridden with the new -b switch. It also leverages the installed Debugging Tools for Windows debug DLL, enabling it to save more complete information in a dump file.

Contig v1.6: Contig, a command-line utility that enables you to defrag individual files, now supports defragmentation of NTFS metadata files, including the MFT.

TCPView v3.03: This update to TCPView, a utility for monitoring process TCP and UDP endpoints, fixes a formatting bug for remote IPV6 addresses.

Mark’s Blog: The Cases of the Blue Screens: Finding Clues in a Crash Dump and on the Web: Mark shows how easy it is to do basic crash dump analysis and with two real-world examples how, even if there are no direct clues in the dump file, a Web search can take you directly to a fix.