Updates: Process Monitor v2.04, TCPView v2.54, VMMap v1.02, Testlimit v5.01, and Notmyfault


Process Monitor v2.04: This update shows file mapping operations in basic mode, adds more translations of error numbers to text, fixes a bug that limited support for more boot log files larger than 4GB, and displays version numbers using the same formatting as Windows.


TCPView v2.54: Fixes bugs that prevented the display of IPv6 TCP endpoints and the correct display of IPv6 UDP endpoints


VMMap v1.02: Now shows all image subsections, even if they reside within the same allocation region. It also fixes a bug in image name sorting and makes the UAC elevation smoother on 64-bit Windows.


Testlimit v5.01: This fixes a bug in the implementation of the -d option.


Notmyfault: Updated with options to leak paged or nonpaged pool, and it now frees leaked pool on exit.