Microsoft Tag & Avatar

I was scrolling through the Microsoft Advertising Blog and was excited to find out that they were using Microsoft Tag for their Avatar Campaign!e

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"By teaming up with the folks at Microsoft Tag, our digital specialists were able to “unlock the world of Avatar” on all our mobile phones.

The technology in essence requires the download of a mobile app from
By scanning the M-tag on the PC screen with their phone’s camera, fans
of the movie are able to access Fox’s dedicated WAP site at the flick
of a switch!

On the day of Avatar's movie release in France, UK, Spain and
Germany, FOX also ran the Avatar ad campaign on MSN's mobile sites,
providing strong exposure to moviegoers browsing on their mobile phone.

This is another great example of how Microsoft Advertising is
helping brands provide immersive and rich encounters across multiple

This is fantastic way the film industry can use Tag to spread the word!
Also putting a Tag on the actual movie poster would be another great idea!