Internet Sites built on SharePoint Server 2007

When they hear 'SharePoint', most people think intranet, but did you know some fantastic Internet sites are built on SharePoint Server 2007?


Below are some of my personal favourites:


Penguin Spinebreakers


Great use of embedded videos, search and all of the content is updated by teenagers - showing how straightforward SharePoint is to use and maintain!


Jamie Oliver's Fifteen


A very unique look (you'd never guess it was SharePoint!) plus browser based feedback forms for the restaurants.


Project Scotland


A charity website that makes fantastic use of the Forms service available in SharePoint. Click through the process of registering to become a volunteer and see the validation and conditional fields.




Still a relatively new site, but full of fantastic rich features, including the Maranello Experience, video tours and most importantly, the Ferrari dealer locator, using integrated Bing maps functionality.


There are many other fantastic websites built on SharePoint - have a look at the public website list available on WSS demo for more.


And finally, one quick tip for spotting SharePoint Internet sites - if you see /Pages/ in the URL, chances are it's SharePoint!