Recorded EPM Demo Part 1: Executive Level Overview

I hope all of the EPM partners out there know about the EPM Click Through Demo available from EPM Connect. For those that don't, it's essentially an advanced PowerPoint presentation, which walks you through various project selection and management scenarios where the Microsoft EPM solution can provide a real business benefit. Unlike the EPM Virtual Machines (email for VM download details), the click through demo is a small file (megabytes not gigabytes). It's especially useful for sales employees to become familiar with the look and feel of the Microsoft EPM solution and some of the key functionality available.


There's an accompanying script to the Click Through Demo, which talks through the business scenarios and explains what is happening as you click through the screens. Although the script is extremely useful (and well worth reading at least once!), it can be quite difficult to coordinate reading the script, finding the correct place to click on the screen and following what's happening in the scenario at the same time. For this reason, I've recorded various videos of the click through demo while talking through what's happening in the EPM environment and how this helps to solve the business problem.


There are 7 videos; one for each section of the Click Through Demo script. Hopefully these videos will be useful for partners, particularly partner sales teams who perhaps aren't very familiar with the EPM solution yet, as it gives a quick overview of how the EPM solution works and real business problems it can help to solve.


Part 1 is the Executive Level Overview. This shows how the project visibility available through the Microsoft EPM solution can be used to give executives a high level overview of the status of all projects across the business. From here, the executive can drill down into problem areas, to find individual issues or risks associated with a particular project that are causing delays or overspends. They can then use this information to contact the appropriate Project Managers, and develop a solution to help get the project back on track.



Download this video here: