Deepfat Rationalizes the Ribbon UI in Microsoft Office

My colleague Andrew Fryer (@deepfat) was annoyed at BETT 2010 conference by the number of older teachers, headmasters, and IT professionals whining about the Ribbon UI.  I told him that some people just can’t be convinced and will only go kicking a screaming.  I said this after spending about 15 minutes explaining to a guy why Microsoft has to change UIs as new computing paradigms arrive.  Evolution is important after all, although, I definitely know a few geezers still using WordPerfect on his 486 chugging along on a dial-up modem. 01-06-10hpslate[1]

Seriously, imagine using a non-Ribbon UI on a touch-screen monitor or slate pc.  Anyways, Andrew has an interesting comparison between the Ribbon UI and the never ending debate between the metric (SI) and Imperial.  Read more for a good laugh.