Firefox and Live Search Finally Play Super Nice

One of the great features about IE8 is the way the search box is provider neutral allowing for a great search experience regardless of whether you use Google, Yahoo, Live, Amazon, Wikipedia, New York Times etc etc…


So with one click, you can browse search results from any provider found on

Microsoft knows that the web isn’t a Microsoft world, *thank God for that too* so they are really taking the issue of interoperability to heart and starting to unleash many investments into the marketplace.  One such investment is the Live Search plug-in for Firefox.

A Microsoft add-on for Firefox lets the browser show suggested completions of a person's search when they start typing it into the search box.

It adds suggested words as an auto-completion drop-down which comes in really handy not only to find what you are looking for but to also discover new and interesting things *if you’re really that bored*.

Try it out all you Firefox users and break free from Google tyranny lol :)