Live at BETT 2008 - Day 2

On the first day, people were very excited about hearing from the various schools that were presenting their experiences using Microsoft technology.  Day number two has been even more memorable with literally thousands of people visiting and communicating with Microsoft staff!  Here are a few shots of what happened. 

Microsoft BETT booth

This is the main booth during a presentation by one of the guest IT speakers from a school.  He is discussing the their innovative use of ICT in their environment.

BETT speaker

Above is a popular presentation done by Phillip Morant School.  I find that Phillip Morant School is one of the leading schools that are really providing students an educational service where by they feel they have a vested interest in their own personal development.

unsorted 023

This is the tech-desk .

unsorted 024

Funny enough, our booth is adjacent to Apple's.  I just wish they didn't have an annoying saxaphone player that replayed his demo every 30 minutes on Garageband.

unsorted 032

The backside of the booth have a dozen or so demo stations.  Above is a picture of the mobile computing station equipped with three Samsung UMPCs.

BETT demo booth

And finally Microsoft's demo stations.  Very cool and functional, my only complaint is that we were a little sloppy on the wiring.  Not quite as elegant as Apple's iMac stations.  Any OEMs listening out there?  May HP is.... though I'll reserve judgement until I try one out at the HP store...oh wait...there are none. :)