Microsoft Hack Its Own Website…Awesome

“Live To Code.”  This is what user’s will be greeted by when they go to Microsoft UK’s website.  Is this a simple DNS muck up or is it part of some larger viral marketing campaign meant to show the softer, lighter, friendlier side of Microsoft?  You decide.  How much you want to bet that we paid the web designers like an asinine amount of money to design this :)


So what is Live to Code?  Good question, maybe it has something to do with Code to Live.  If you click on “ethos,” here’s what you get:

“Live to Code

 Live to Code is a fundamental character or spirit that reflects a shared
passion for coding found among developers across the world. 

It's about solving problems, not cutting corners. It's about finishing what you
started. It's the reason you're not the only one working until 2 a.m. It's the
common bonds and universal truths shared by developers, regardless of their
platform. This is Live to Code. 

The term Live to Code took its inspiration from the Live to Ride, Ride to Live
motto used by many in the biking fraternity, and was initially set up by Steve
Loethen and Josh Holmes, a pair of developers/bikers who travelled across the
US spreading the message of Code to Live, Live to Code.

During their travels the pair discussed, shared and spread what they thought
were defining coding moments and seeded the footage on Channel 9, an online
community site where anyone who is into code can discuss aspects of developing.”