Microsoft IT Showcase: Deploying SharePoint

One of the greatest things that don't happen at most corporate IT departments is giving back to the community and communicating best practices.  Microsoft is one of the few companies that invest heavily in IT R&D so that it is an active partner in solving the business's problems and is able to create new solutions to existing work-flows.  MSIT Showcase is a fantastic series that illustrates our commitment to giving real evidence regarding how we use our own products.  We have one of the largest SharePoint deployments in the world and with more buzz and excitement hovering over this iteration and the ones to follow, this whitepaper/webcast/podcast will definitely give you a better understanding regarding a core component: Enterprise Search.  Real enterprise search is not as simple at dropping a box and indexing your data, it requires proper security, management and integration so that your structured as well as unstructured assets are retrievable, secure, and relevant.

Enterprise Search at Microsoft with Office SharePoint Server 2007

Published: 01/31/07 Technical White Paper added: 07/19/07
Like most large companies, Microsoft’s intranet contains terabytes of both structured and unstructured content that employees need to find and use on a daily basis.  In the past, it has been difficult to bring such diverse content sets together in a single search center experience, but with the recent release of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 it’s possible to allow users to search against different content repositories with just a few clicks.  In this webcast see how Microsoft manages its internal enterprise search experience built on MOSS 2007 both on the central corporate portal site and as search service that is consumed by thousands of internal SharePoint sites and 75,000+ employees worldwide.
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