Microsoft Kills Santa and Other Wild Tales of Pizza and Love Making

During my presentation of Search Server 2008 in London in front of a great audience of about 200,  I was showing off how businesses can pull in search results from 3rd party search engines using Federated Search.  In my demo, I showed how using The Register's RSS feed formatting, I could get search results from their archives.  The search term I used was "Microsoft" naturally...oh blessed are the holy journalists at the The Register.


So as you can see, Christmas came early in the UK, at least it did for me because I got a room full laughter and we were all feeling the lofty presence of St. Nick in thick industrially heated air.  After the presentation I couldn't help but to read the article.  This is an absolute must read people!  Click through and read the supported article complete with screenshots of the conversations. 

Finally, here's another one those moments, Your Moment of Zen...

Enjoy - -VT