Office 2010 Tips – View, Edit, and Collaborate Anytime Anywhere with SharePoint Workspace

Pilot SharePoint Workspace!

Ever open your computer, ready to work from home, and realize you forgot to download that one crucial SharePoint document? Work on any teams where emailing version after version of a document takes up half of everyone’s inbox? Try out SharePoint Workspace 2010—it’s the new release of the application formerly known as Groove, with major improvements in how you can connect to your SharePoint sites and the same great peer-to-peer file sharing functionality.

Anywhere Access. SharePoint Workspace delivers fast, anytime, anywhere access to SharePoint documents and lists whether or not you are able to reach the SharePoint server.

Step by Step                                                          

1. Click New in the Workspaces section of the Launchbar Ribbon.

2. Click SharePoint Workspace, and then choose which SharePoint 2010 site you’d like to take offline.

3. Click through the menu, confirming that you’d like to take your site offline, and watch as your site downloads.

4. Click Open Workspace to see your SharePoint site’s documents and lists offline on your desktop.

5. If you don’t have SharePoint, you can still use a Groove Workspace to collaborate in a decentralized manor with no back-end infrastructure.