Outlook and Search Server Christmas Webcasts

I always get into the holiday mood late. While people graciously spend their Novembers shopping, feasting, and buying plane tickets to spend time with their loved ones, I get a head start in my procrastination efforts. The reality is I don't get into the Christmas spirit until the week before. Maybe it has something to do with my capitalistic American tendencies, after all nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like getting beat down at a Best Buy by an obese 45 year-old woman over the last of the $29.99 Chinese DVD players OR getting caned by a granny over a "tickle me" Elmo doll at the Walmart. No, sadly I have no such outlets in the UK because all the shops here close at 9, most much earliers...apparently its a law, a stupid one.

So what did I do last week, since that is the customary time I get cheerful? I generously offered my time in the office to upgrade my collegues' Windows Mobile devices to version 6. It is a huge improvement over 5 if you are a corporate user. It was also nice to give the gift of time to my peers. Being a selfish person and reveling in all the glory that is 'me,' I wanted to continue feeling joy soooo, I will be spending my time these next few days giving all of you a few gifts. Starting tommorow, Christmas, I will be posting two short blogcast videos of some requested Outlook and Search Server features everyday until New Year's day. Also, don't worry about your personal indiscretions, because unlike Santa, I won't give you coal if you've been naughty, in fact, if you've been really naughty, I have a special list to put you on (females only) .

HO HO HO! Merry Christmas!