Hyper-V Security Guide and New QFE for 2012R2 Addressing Backup with CSV Writer

If you follow me on Twitter (@HyperV_taylorb) this is old news but for those that don’t two updates for you…

Windows Server 2012 Security Guide For Hyper-V


This release of the Hyper-V Security Guide consists of this Overview and chapters that discuss methods and best practices that will help you secure your Hyper-V environment. Brief descriptions follow for each chapter.

Chapter 1: Overview

This chapter provides necessary prerequisite information on Hyper-V to set the groundwork for subsequent material. In addition to the architecture of Hyper-V it also covers the administrator taxonomy in Hyper-V.

Chapter 2: Hardening the Hyper-V host

This chapter focuses on hardening servers that run the Hyper-V role of Windows Server 2012, in both Full and Server Core installations. It contains security best practice recommendations to help protect against unauthorized access and resource tampering.

Chapter 3: Roles & Delegation

This chapter covers details on delegation of access to resources. Additionally, it includes guidance on effective delegation of administrative roles to ensure security.

Chapter 4: Protecting Virtual Machines

This chapter provides prescriptive guidance for securing virtual machine resources. It discusses best practices and includes detailed steps for protecting virtual machines by using a combination of file system permissions, encryption, and auditing. Also included are resources for hardening and updating the operating system instances running within your virtual machines.

Chapter 5: Best Practices Checklist

The chapter covers recommended best practices that help enhance the security of a Hyper-V deployment.

QFE Released for Hyper-V Backup Failures When Utilizing the CSV Writer on Windows Server 2012 R2

Title:                Backing up virtual machines fails when using the CSV writer after installation of update 2919355 in Windows
KB Number:   2966407
URL:                http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2966407

This QFE only effects folks with backup solutions that leverage the cluster shared volume writer on Windows Server 2012 R2 after installing the April update (KB2919355).