I am unable to install the drivers for my embedded Sierra Wireless Device MC5725 device with Lenovo laptop on 64-bit platform…

I tried this with Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet and found this workaround to be working.

1) Download and run the driver installer from http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/MIGR-67954.html.  This leaves MC5720AC.msi in C:\DRIVERS\WIN\WWANSR\Driver (I believe that the MSI should run automatically, but it does not which is fine in this case).

2) Unpack the MSI (You can use any third party tool for extracting MSI e.g. Qwerty.Msi which I found with a search).

3) Open Device Manager.

4) Right-click the ‘Sierra Wireless MC5725 Device’ and select ‘Update Driver Software…’.

5) Select ‘Browse my computer for driver software’.

6) Browse to the location of the unpacked MSI and check the ‘Include subfolders’ box.  Click ‘Next’.

7) The driver will be found and will be installed.  This will also install five other devices (Network adapter, 2 COM Port, NMEA, Modem).  Their drivers will all fail to install.

8) Update the driver software for each of the failed devices.

9) All should successfully install except the ‘Network Adapter’

10) Reboot.

11) The ‘Sierra Wireless 1xEV-DO Network Adapter’ should now be working properly.

12) You would need to install the connection manager to connect to internet.

For example, If your carrier is Verizon, go to http://vzam.net/download/supported.aspx and install the version of VZAccess Manager for ‘Lenovo Notebook with global module (Qualcomm 9202) or CDMA module (Sierra Wireless MC5720, MC5725)’.

13) Run the VZAM setup wizard.

14) Connect to Internet using the VZAM


Thank you Mark Eisenberg for sharing this workaround!