Team Foundation Server 2010 - Relational Warehouse and Cube Schema Changes

Team Foundation Server 2010 is a BIG release for us by all counts. We have made conceptual changes; Brian introduced some of the key concepts in TFS 2010 that includes the concept of Team Project Collections (TPCs). These changes required a lot of infrastructure support that we built from the ground up and changes to all the subsystems including the warehouse adapters, relational warehouse schema and the Analysis Services cube schema.

As our Beta 1 release approaches, I wanted to outline the changes to the relational warehouse and cube schema. These are, unfortunately, breaking changes. While we will provide an updated set of out-of-the-box reports (details below), these schema changes will affect your custom reports. By custom reports, I mean SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) or Excel pivot table/chart reports you may have authored against the warehouse or cube.

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Sunder Raman

Program Manager, Team Foundation Server