Eligibility verification sites: “Show Us Where You Work!” Facebook Contest for Australia and New Zealand nonprofits

Microsoft New Zealand – Nonprofit Eligibility
New Zealand Charities, Voluntary and Community groups with charitable status must have a Charities Register Number (CRN).
Please check for the CRN at The Charities Register.

Microsoft Australia – Nonprofit Eligibility
Qualifying Australia organisations will possess an Australian Business Number and be non-government income tax exempt ITE nonprofit organisations.
Please check for the ABN and income tax status at ABN registration/Australian Taxation Office.
Please check for registered charities at the Australian Not for Profits and Charitable Commission.

General Eligibility Criteria:
Organisations involved in the following activities are eligible to enter the “Show Us Where You Work!” Facebook Contest:

  • Human Rights Activities
  • Private grantmaking foundations that receive the majority of assets or income from an individual, family or corporation
  • Environment & Conservation
  • Amateur sports organisations, specifically youth sports clubs, teams or groups
  • Arts & Culture
  • Rural & Agricultural Services
  • Social Housing
  • Community Development
  • Voter Education
  • Public Interest Legal Services
  • Counselling Services
  • Training Material Development
  • Disaster Relief
  • Educational Support
  • Museums
  • Commerce & Trade Associations with activities that benefit non-members
  • Health services and related activities that are independent and not owned and operated by organisations that are eligible for Microsoft Government, Academic or Health programs. These include community health clinics (established by a community, not hospitals or governments), medical research groups, behavioural healthcare nonprofits, women's health centres, hospices, rescue and emergency services, organisations that support patients and their families, and blood banks.
  • Public libraries may request Microsoft software donations through this program only for use on public access computers or on computers used to directly manage either the public access computers or the library's public access program. Participating libraries must also make their collection and basic services available to the population of their legal service area without charges to individual users (excluding incidental fees such as printing charges). If they so choose, libraries may impose charges on users outside the legal service area and may provide products and services (beyond basic services) to the public at large, with or without individual charges. 
  • Religious or faith-based organisations

The following additional organisations are INELIGIBLE to enter the “Show Us Where You Work!” Facebook Contest:

  • Educational Institutions (including public and private schools, private colleges, universities and trade schools), that are eligible through Microsoft academic volume licensing programs are not eligible for software donations, including nonprofit private schools
  • Governmental organisations or agencies including international governmental organisations and United Nations entities
  • Political organisations
  • Lobbying organisations
  • Labour Unions
  • Business & Professional organisations
  • Healthcare organisations and networks, including hospitals, specialty networks, ambulatory healthcare services and home healthcare
  • Assisted living healthcare organisations - assisted living as a congregate residential setting that provides or coordinates personal services, 24-hour supervision and assistance (scheduled and unscheduled) and health-related services
  • Scientific research organisations
  • Healthcare research organisations and research laboratories
  • Organisations that engage in discrimination in hiring, compensation, access to training or services, promotion, termination and/or retirement based on race, colour, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender identity or expressions, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, political affiliation, union membership or veteran status, other than as allowed by law, are not eligible to participate in this program. Organisations must be willing and able to attest that they do not discriminate on any of these grounds in order to receive donations.