About Blain Barton

Microsoft Contact(s):

Name: Blain Barton

E-mail: blainbar@microsoft.com






· Startered with Microsoft in 1988 but left for 5 years to work for a learning center only to return to the mother ship.

  • Almost 20 total years at Microsoft including Worldwide OEM System Engineering and heading up the Visual Basic Support Team. Has had 6 postions within Microsoft.

· Lifetime # of event speaking engagements from the last 10 years equals about 1800+ “live” events

· Awards received from the TechNet MSAM Team include :

- Top Presenter FY02, S2

- Top Presenter FY03, S1

- Top Presenter FY03, S2

- Top Presenter FY04, S1

- Realizing Your Potential, FY04, Q3

- Top Presenter FY05, S1

- Realizing Your Potential, FY06, Q1


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- What do you like most about your work / being an IT Pro?

What I love most about being an IT Pro is educating and enlightening the folks that attend my events. To see them lighten up when I talk about the new technologies that is being presented, it brings me satisfaction in my role. I like to talk face-to-face with our customers and work with them towards finding problems and solutions.


- What's been your toughest / most interesting challenge to date?

The most challenging thing about my position is having to know all of the Microsoft Technologies both breath and depth. To work amongst the finest, smartest people here at Microsoft, it is still hard to admit you know “everything”. There’s a lot of knowledge out there and being honest to customers and working through their issues is the best solution. To close, stomaching the box lunches after the events, takes it all.


- Alternate dream career?

My alternate or ideal dream career would be to build a recording studio (music label) and organic berry farm! I really want help promote young artists and help them fulfill their dreams and get their music out into the public. I’m also interested in build an organic berry farm, with Raspberries, Strawberries, Huckleberries and others here in Florida. The last thing is that I have pondered on is writing a book about my life which I have started to write.


- Role model?

Believe it or not… it’s Bill Gates. He had an idea, so do I. He has a patent, so do I. He has a plan, so do I.

He has the drive and ambition, so do I. He has millions and I do not. Ever since getting hired in 1989, I have watch Bill succeed in his building of Microsoft and wonder if this could happen for me and my ideas in the future?


- What traits / quirks / personal passions do you bring to your role as a Presenter?

Well, I’m known as the wig guy. I use humor and informal control at my events. I get the audience involved in the presentation and use them to do demos and help me with events. I love the crowds and they seems to work with me to make our event an interesting learning experience.


- What's one thing most people don't know about you?

I play the drums and have taught downhill snow-skiing for 13 years on a professional level in Washington State. I also worked as an apprentice during my summers in college for my father’s Heating and Air Conditioning company.

I also have a palm tree nursery in Homosassa Florida on 10 acres.