Troubleshooting OneNote and Outlook Integration Issues

Lately, I came across with a case where customer tried to use the “Meeting Notes” feature through Outlook. When he looked for the icon in the Ribbon menu it was disabled. Also, clicking on OneNote button from the menu gave him a blank error message.

Sent To OneNote Blank Error

In case you have one of the mentioned issues, (and reinstalling Office did not solved the issue) consider to use the below steps for troubleshooting:

  1. Ensure that "OneNote Notes about Outlook Items" add-in is enabled:
    For more information, please read this KB article:    
    Outlook COM Add-Ins    

  2. Check if "Send to OneNote" button works from Internet Explorer or if you are experiencing same behavior. Also, check if you can print stuff from Outlook to the Send to OneNote 2010 printer. The button is available through IE menu bar.
    IE Send To OneNote

  3. Registry Entry for the Outlook OneNote add-in: you should find it in here:
    Check the LoadBehavior of the Add-In : LoadBehavior should be set to 3 so that the add-in gets loaded when Outlook is started.

  4. Check if the user use other Outlook add-ins, disable them & test if the Send to OneNote works afterwards
    Start -> Run -> type: Outlook /safe
    NOTE! This command will start the Outlook in safe mode to load the program without any customization files and add-ins loaded.

  5. Reinstall "Outlook Integration" feature: from Control Panel -> Office 2010 -> Change -> Add or Remove Feature -> go to Microsoft OneNote  -> OneNote Add-Ins, right click and select Run from My Computer
    Outlook Integration