Lync 2013 Persistent Chat HADR–Part One

PFE Richard Schwendiman  who specialises in Exchange and Lync, recently released some deep dive articles on Lync 2013.  Here is part 1.  Take it away Richard!

In Lync Server 2013 we introduced greatly improved chat functionality, named Persistent Chat (pChat). Not only is it much improved, but  now an actual role within the topology (no longer a standalone application). One thing that I get questioned about a lot regarding pChat is High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HA-DR). …..


Lync 2013 pCHAT



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Posted by MSPFE editor Rhoderick Milne.  After watching the recent super bowl commercials, is currently wondering what major motion picture will next feature Arnold Schwarzenegger and a lama named Lilly….