Character translation does not work on Windows 2012 with NFS v4.1

Character translation between Windows to Unix does not working on Windows 2012 with NFS v4.1. For NFS v3, on Windows 2012 the same configuration works.


This is because the RFC for NFS v4.0 and above is all about uniformity of file names, UTF-8 encoding etc. explicitly. Hence Character translation does not apply to v4.1 and this is now a legacy feature which is still available for NFs v2/v3.


NFS v4.1 is internationalized by the RFC definition and does not warrant any encodings – it mandates UTF-8 in all cases. Hence no additional encodings over the v4.1 protocol is required.

The GUI encoding options (e.g. SJIS, ANSI, EUC-J, etc) which we get while configuring NFS shares applies to NFs v2/v3.