nfsfile command does not run on mounted NFS volume

While working on a recent issue, customer reported that running the nfsfile command against a file on a mounted drive returns the error below. This was tested on Windows 2008 R2, running client for NFS.

So on the customer’s environment, once the NFS share was mounted on the Windows, they tried running the nfsfile command from the command prompt against a file on the mounted drive, which failed.


But running the ‘nfsfile’ command worked on the all other files in the box. Informed them that NFSfile (Nfsfile.exe) is a command line tool that allows you to convert the custom SIDs created by Unmapped UNIX User Access to the mapped SIDs (regular Windows SIDs) used by a mapped user access method. It can also be used to view and manage the permissions assigned to NFS
shares using UNIX–like mode bits.  

NFSfile command will not work on mounted NFS drivers as there is no way it can get the NTFS permission from them.