Small, Medium and Standard Call Plans


You may have seen the announcement that we now have 3 different calling plans for domestic calling within the UK. There are still only 2 types of plans to choose from: Domestic or Domestic & International.


This means you can mix and match what type of calling plan each person requires.


For example:

PSTN calling Plans (Domestic (UK):

  • Standard Plan: 1200 minutes per user, per month - is pooled by Std plan on the tenant, (and regionally)
  • Medium Plan: 240 minutes per user, per month. is pooled by Med plan users on the tenant, (and regionally)*
  • Small Plan: 120 minutes per user, per month. is pooled by Small plan users on the tenant, (and regionally)*

* These plans are available for Enterprise Agreement customers.


International calling plan:

You can purchase either plan above along with an international plan. Known as Domestic and International.

International Plan: 600 minutes per user, per month - is pooled across people that have this plan assigned.

If you have PSTN Consumption billing enabled, you can pay per minute for international calls. Otherwise, the international call will not connect.


*Pooled means that if you run out of minutes on your plan, you start to use the minutes left within the tenant, by plan. E.g. 5 users have the small plan - these are pooled. 6 different users have a standard plan - they are pooled.

*Scenario: For international, if you use all of your 600 minutes it also means you've used up the remaining minutes on your domestic plan and visa versa. What ever you use up first from your Domestic and International Plan.  

Pay-as-you go - after you've used up your minutes allocation!

If your tenant goes over these minute allocation you can opt into a consumption plan where you pay as you go. There's a rate card in US Dollars where you'll need to convert back to British Pounds. You can choose to have this as a line item on your enterprise agreement, invoice or pre-pay on a credit card.

You also have the facility (if you choose too) to auto-recharge/top-up.


From a licensing point of view you need 3 core licenses:

  1. Office 365 SKU - Example: One of: E1, E3 or E5
  2. Cloud PBX Licenses - Per user (enables the voice capabilities)
  3. A Calling plan above - either Domestic or Domestic and International


For more information please see here: