Download Forefront Threat Management Gateway Beta 3

The Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway is a e secure Web gateway solution that helps protect employees from threats on the Web with enterprise-class anti-malware scanning and blocking, URL filtering (new in Forefront TMG Beta 3), web proxy and caching functionality. Microsoft Forefront TMG also helps to ensure that encrypted (SSL) Web sessions have the correct security policy applied and enforced according to organizational policy. In addition, it can also be used to manage unified perimeter security that protects networks from attacks with an integrated application and network-layer firewall, intrusion detection and response capabilities, VPN connectivity, and management of e-mail security. The newly added protection technologies will enable organizations to inspect e-mail traffic for spam and malware and enforce content policy compliance in your organization. Last, but not least, Microsoft Forefront TMG enables IT administrators to easily maximize existing information technology (IT) investments by improving network security and performance.

Try out the Forefront Threat Management Gateway Beta 3

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