Visual Studio® Team System Code Name "Rosario" August 2007 CTP (VPC Image)

Microsoft® Visual Studio® Team System code name “Rosario” is an integrated Application Life-cycle Management (ALM) solution comprising tools, processes, and guidance. It enables members of your team to:

· Collaborate and communicate more effectively with other team members and business stakeholders

· Ensure software quality using advanced quality tools at every step of the application life cycle

· Gain visibility into project activity and priorities to make informed decisions based on real-time data

This Community Technology Preview (CTP) release covers several different customer experiences that align with the following scenarios:

· Development Scheduling and Tracking
Teams will be able to communicate tasks and progess more effectively through work item tracking, including being able to create parent-child relationships between work items, identifying task dependancies, and tracking progress through readily available spreadsheets and reports.

· Requirements Test Coverage and Manual Testing
Being able to see the relationship between test cases and software requirements gives the test team an opportunity to identify missing test cases early, to identify which test cases are failing for a particular requirement, and to recognize trends in failing test cases. Running automated and manual test cases, testers can find and report bugs. Using the new manual test runner, they will be able to include more bug data than was previously available.

· Dependency Management
Developers will be able to easily identify cross-task dependancies, enabling other developers on the team to prioritize their work .



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