Localization Checker now available for free download

If your role involves handing off files to localization (or handing them back), the Microsoft Office International team just published an Open Source localization checker that you might want to have a look at.

The new Resource Static Analysis engine allows localization engineers or PMs to confirm that files handed off to localization provide as much assistance as possible to localizers. For example, the engine can be used to check whether developers have included sufficient context to the source strings. This helps to make the localization process as fast and efficient as possible, minimizing the questions that localizers have for developers when the localizers struggle to understand the context of a given source string.

Once the files are localized, the engine also allows engineers and PMs to check that no functional localization issues have been introduced before handing the files back to the development or engineering team.

Read more about the Resource Static Analysis engine on the MSDN Localization blog.