New Windows Phone glossaries: Simplified Chinese, Indonesian, Malay

If you are developing Windows Phone apps in Simplified Chinese, Indonesian or Malay, you can now find the translations of the user interface and key terminology on the Language Portal Online Search. The terminology includes translations of key Windows Phone UI such as “live tile”, “Marketplace” or “hub”.

We've also made the localization and authoring style guides for these 3 languages available. The style guides provide instructions to help ensure that your app speaks to the user in the same tone, style and level of formality as Windows Phone itself. The style guides are in PDF format and available for download from the style guide download page or by clicking here:

The Style Guide download page already contains 20 other Windows Phone style guides available for download. For more in-depth reference material about globalization and building localized apps for Windows Phone, visit the Globalization and Localization for Windows Phone pages on MSDN.