Making it easier to debug .net dumps in windbg using .cmdtree

John Robbins beat me to the punch and wrote an excellent post about using .cmdtree in windbg to ease some .net debugging pain in windbg.

The windbg .cmdtree command allows you to create a popup window in windbg with commands that execute when you click on the respective link...  so you no longer have to remember all the sos commands to get around in your managed dump.


Read his post here and with the command tree text file he provides you will be up and running in no time...  You can also add the command .cmdtree c:\util\sos-cmdtree.txt once you have this set up, to your commands file to get it loaded automatically when you open dumps....   And of course, you can easily customize your commandtree so that you can execute any commands you like.

Really sweet,