VC++ product strategy on Channel9

Bill Dunlap and I had the opportunity to sit down with Charles Torre on Channel9 to talk Visual C++ product strategy.  We talk about the three-pronged product strategy for the product, which is:

  1. Support and add value to the native Windows API
  2. Provide for friction-free native/managed interop
  3. Modernize the C++ toolset

We also talk more specifically about some of the work we're doing for Orcas, including the marshaling library and STL/CLR, post-Orcas work we're doing on compiler front-end, cryptic comments on "big things" we're planning for MFC, and early thinking on concurrency and safer C++.

We also have a number of other Channel9 videos with other team members that will come online over the coming weeks that drill into more detail on our Orcas features.