TFS 2013 Upgrade options

The new version of TFS 2013 has been launched. Here is a blog which gives various ways in which you can upgrade your existing TFS environment. We have a clear explanation of various upgrade paths. Below are the process for all the versions – TFS 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012.

TFS 2005/TFS 2005 SP1 to TFS 2013 :

The recommended option is :

Do an in-place/migration upgrade to TFS 2010. From TFS 2010 do an in-place, migration upgrade to TFS 2013



TFS 2008 RTM to TFS 2013 : The recommended option is :

Apply SP1 on TFS 2008. From TFS 2008 SP1 do a migration upgrade to TFS 2012. Only migration upgrade is possible because TFS 2012 works only on 64 bit server operating systems. From TFS 2012 do an in-place, migration upgrade to TFS 2013


TFS 2010/TFS 2012 RTM to TFS 2013: The options available are

1. Can do an in-place upgrade : TFS App Tier will use the same hardware as the previous TFS.

2. Can do a migration upgrade : TFS Environment will be on new hardware.

The process of upgrade in discussed in the following flow chart



The pre requisites and requirements for TFS 2013 are

· Hardware requirements -

· SQL requirements -

· SharePoint requirements -


Note: Different version of TFS will have different hardware and software requirement. Make sure that the server meets the requirements.


1. Visual Studio ALM Rangers guide :


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