Calling all PowerShell Users...

We need your help! The Information Experience (iX) team at Microsoft is looking for your help and feedback to drive new guidance experiences over the next 6 - 12 months. For those people not familiar with the iX team we are the folks responsible for deliving guidance to support Microsoft products such as Windows Server, Windows Azure, System Center, FIM, WIF and a bunch more products.

There are two ways that we need your help:

  1. There’s a regular survey: – which this time around primarily about PowerShell. This should take about ten minutes, and will help us better understand the issues you face every day. Whether you are into PowerShell as an IT Professional or, into it as a Power Tool – any information you can provide helps.
  2. We would also like you to join our International Customer Advisory Board. This is where you can tell Microsoft what you think about using and troubleshooting our products? The Microsoft Server & Cloud International Customer Advisory Board wants to hear it. Share your opinions and help shape tomorrow’s Windows Server and System Center guidance. See for more information and mail to join.