Help write the PowerShell Survival Guide

My friend Eric Battalio is leading an effort to update the Windows PowerShell Survival Guide on the TechNet Wiki. Survival Guides are essentially categorized collections of links + comments around a common theme, scenario or technology - think of them as a Table of Contents for a particular problem domain - with the contents spanning the web. They link to blogs (like yours), forums and other sources to solve a problem or address an issue. As a Survival Guide evolves, it hopefully becomes more complete as content gaps are identified, new sections and links are added, and new content is created in community (and on blogs like yours).

You can help. Volunteer and collaborate with community to evolve the Windows PowerShell Survival Guide and help improve other survival guides. Here is how:

  1. Join the TechNet Wiki. I am sure all of you are already on it, but just in case, head over to the Wiki and user your Live ID to join.
  2. By February 5th, review the Windows PowerShell Survival Guide and share your thoughts in the article itself (the article shows you where). Identify missing sections and scenarios. How is it organized? Does it meet the needs of a PowerShell beginner? How about advanced users?
  3. Add missing sections that you would like us to flush out - simply by modifying the ToC
  4. Participate each week by identifying great (and missing) content around the given theme.
  5. Share your feedback and experiences on the wiki itself or just add a comment on this blog post.