Service Orientation Today and Tomorrow

Diegon Dagum has just sent out the release note for the latest edition of the Microsoft Architecture Journal. It includes a bunch of really interesting papers including one that myself and a group of my colleagues from Worldwide Services put together summarizing key design considerations for Software + Services and Cloud Computing. Because we believe that the full benefit from S+S cannot be gained by just focusing on implications for application design - our paper tries to capture major design considerations from a number of perspectives including that of: Enterprise Architects, Software Architects (including Integration, Application and Information Design), Infrastructure Architects - whilst also describing cross cutting concerns relating to security, operations and management. Enjoy!!

Some of the other articles also look really intersting so will try to report back in the coming weeks about key points from the other papers... in the mean time take a look here if you are interested.


  • Design Considerations for Software plus Services and Cloud Computing
  • Model-Driven SOA with "Oslo"
  • An Enterprise Architecture Strategy for SOA
  • Enabling Business Capabilities with SOA
  • Service Registry: A Key Piece for Enhancing Reuse in SOA
  • How the Cloud Stretches the SOA Scope
  • Event-Driven Architecture: SOA Through the Looking Glass
  • Is SOA Being Pushed Beyond Its Limits?