Current SQL 2008 MCMs Take Note - You are automatically granted the MCSM: Data Platform Certification!

All current SQL 2008 MCMs to receive MCSM: Data Platform certification (Grandfathering)

The implementation of this policy will allow MCMs to hold both an MCM and an MCSM – it will be an additional certification and will not replace the current certification on their transcripts or elsewhere.

The new MCSM: Data Platform certification will appear on student transcripts. Currently this will be a manual process and we are awaiting system changes to support this policy (please be patient with us).

SQL Server 2008 MCMs will be awarded the MCSM: Data Platform with an “inactive period” (will become inactive on January 1, 2014 if not recertified) . 

If the student does not do the upgrade their MCSM certification will change to inactive (similar to other programs).

This does not apply to MCM certifications – these will not expire.

We will provide a digital download MCSM certificate to any MCM that is grandfathered at no cost. Request for a printed version will be at a cost (similar to the MCSE: Data Platform  program).

I will be sending an email to current SQL 2008 MCMs to explain how to obtain the MCSM: Data Platform logo.


Affected audience for grandfathering:

    SQL 2008 MCMs

   Anyone who completes the SQL 2008 MCM certification before version retirement (Knowledge exam will be retired on Jan 1, 2014, Lab Exam retirement not yet announced)


As usual if you have any questions please reach out to me...