I know what you did THIS summer... lots and lots of SharePoint!

It's a true privilege of the MCM PM role that on a regular basis, you get to make someone's day/week/month when you share the news that they've qualified for the MCM certification. Every time, it takes me back to when I got the news that I first achieved the cert (April 17, 2009, Cube 5727, Microsoft Schiphol Office, Netherlands). It simply never gets old. :)

So without further ado, here are a number of folks who recently joined our ranks by achieving the SharePoint 2010 MCM certification:

  • Aleksandar Draskovic (R12) is a consultant at PlanB. GmbH based in Germany. He has been involved in various complex multinational projects as a technical architect.
  • Brendan Griffin (R12) is a Senior Premier Field Engineer specialising in SharePoint, he is based in the UK.
  • Brendan Law (R12) is a Premier Field Engineer (PFE) for Microsoft based in Melbourne, Australia.  Between the SharePoint RAPs (Risk Assessment Program) and delivering Workshops, Brendan is working on elevating the brand of PFE so that more people are aware of the awesome stuff we do.
  • Daniel Ispanovits (R12) is a Senior Premier Field Engineer for Micorosoft based in Wallisellen, Switzerland.
  • Erwin van Hunen (R12) is a Senior Solution Architect working for Knowit Reaktor Stockholm in Sweden.
  • John Powell (R12) is a Senior Consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services in the Washington DC area and his motto is, "I'd rather be scripting."
  • Joseph Saad (R12) is a SharePoint architect working for Navantis, based in Canada. He focuses on delivering SharePoint Solutions.
  • Jussi Roine (R11)  is a Chief Architect at Onsight Helsinki based in Helsinki, Finland. He specializes in complex SharePoint implementations and troubleshooting on the Microsoft stack.
  • Paolo Pialorsi (R11) is an independent consultant based in Italy and working in EMEA. He is focused on SharePoint development and customization. Paolo is also an author for Microsoft Press, and in the last years he wrote some books about LINQ as well as the book "Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Developer Reference".
  • Pawel Krolak (R11) is Senior Premier Field Engineer in Microsoft Services. He is based in Warsaw and works mainly in Poland and Central Europe. Pawel delivers proactive services, deals with complex technical cases and trains SharePoint IT Professionals and Developers.

Awesome work, and congratulations!