Finished Filming: Longhorn Avalon

Yesterday we filmed our next episode of “The .NET Show”, this episode focused on Longhorn's graphical support layer, known as Avalon. My guests for the Architectural segment were Pablo Fernicola and David Ornstein, and we tried to cover as much as we could regarding many of the enhancements, and added capabilities of Avalon and how this might change/improve the way applications will be on Longhorn. In the programmer segment I talked with Rob Relyea and Nathan Dunlap. Nathan is actually a “Designer“ and not a programmer, and he shared with us some of the aspects of Longhorn and Avalon that get him excited about what he will not only be able to accomplish, but how he will actually be able to be more directly involved with the application development cycle moving foward. In our "" segment, Erica talks with Eileen Crain about her work with the Regional Directors program.

I tried to make a point of being sure to discuss some of the ways that application developers working on “current“ applications can/should start thinking about the role that their development efforts can start to be getting prepared for Longhorn and Avalon.

You can find some of the “backstage“ pictures that I took during the filming of this episode in a shared album I created on